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Changing The Times is an Alternate History Electronic Magazine that is dependent upon contributions from its readers.  If you like Alternate History and fancy yourself the next Harry Turtledove, please join and submit some of your work and read and comment on the works of others.  Please read the Sample Issue and the FAQ before joining.

If you would like to join, please read carefully the terms and conditions and then write your email in the box below.   Then the editor and, to submit your work, email it to: .  

This page was last updated on 05/22/03.

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I apologize for the delay in producing this update.

A Year Sooner: Operation Overlord comes early

Belgicae Rex: A new king, a new force, a new power

Brothers Incorporated: comedy about two very familiar brothers

The Catastrophe at Clontaf: A very different Ireland

Gallant Fools: Poland survives the German invasion

Leveling England: England becomes democratic after the revolution

Man of Steel: Stalin attacks the Japanese in 1941

Pledge: The USA becomes Fascist

Victorious Japanese Arms (version 2): Japan forces a stalemate.


First, I apologize for the hacker attack.  I am now staunchly Pro-war.

A Winter of Less Discontent


The Apocalypse: A spin-off from David's human time line presents an alien invasion of earth...

The Death of Micheal Collins: An Irish politician lives longer and unites Ireland

Dividing the World: The US and USSR divide the world up between them.....

The Final Campaign: Germany decides on one last throw of the dice in 1918...

Happy Birthday: The Orion Space Program is successful...

How to win World War Two: Could Hitler have won World War Two?

Of Angels and Men. Angles appear in WW1....

Point of Departure (Part Two) The epic continues....

The Flashman Option: I know this is not new, but people were complaining about the formatting and I could not fix it, so I transferred it to word.  

Victorious Japanese Arms: Could Japan have won World War Two?


Large Update, better clear your desk......

A Very Different Eastern Front: Germany makes peace with Britain, so they can turn their attention to the real threat, but Stalin strikes first.....

A Differerent Kingdom of Italy: What does it take to make Italy a great power?

AD ASTRA: Encoragement can work wonders.....

Divided We Stand: What if there were two powerful nations on the North American continent? 

The Flower War: Cortes had great success dividing the elements of the Aztec empire up, but a small change could have prevented it.....

Operation Norway: The west think they have a great idea to win the war, attack Norway, take Finland and then supply Russia with all they want.  but Stalin has different ideas....

Point of departure: Three small changes have big results....

Singapore 1942: What if Singapore did not surrender....

Total War: How much worse could world war two have been?

Two Empires Stillborn: What happens if the USSR never formed?

Invasion 1915: Germany invades Britain in 1915

Pitt's Empire: Pitt stays as prime minister longer than in OTL. 

Book Review: Nomonhan: Japan against Russia 1939.  


Added the France 1940 competition entries.  

Cat and Mouse

To Win the Battle

The Winter Lions

France 1940 – alternatives

France 1940         



Desert Sunrise: Saddam gets it in the neck during the Gulf War.

The Third World War: 1945: Stalin's paranoia leads him to attack the west in 1945

The Paney War: A walk into darkness for the United States

North and South: Do you think you know how the US and CS would have diverged?  Guess again...

The Royal House of Cromwell: Oliver Cromwell sets up himself as king and founds a dynasty.  

Darien: The Flower of Scotland: A small Scottish colony in Latin America Succeeds.

Without Requirement: The most arrogant document in Human History is not written.

The Roman Caliphate: The Muslims expand into Europe.

There's Something About Marriage: The Byzantine Empire lasts longer....

Koori Britain: The world turned upside down when Britain becomes part of an Australian empire.  

Book Reviews:

Spain's Road to Empire

Amiens to the Armistice


Added The Flashman Option


Some Reviews:

Rising Sun Victorious

Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta


Many new additions.....

Hell's Door Opened: The 2001 confrontation between India and Pakistan takes a very different course.....

Conservative Scotland: The Conservatives (UK) have won an election they were tipped to lose.  But what about the millions of people who hate them?

How Many Divisions have the French?: Do the French matter after 1945?  Stalin does not think so.....

Alternate Obituary: Vladimir Anitov: Could the USSR have been even worse?  If someone had bumped off Stalin...

Red Europe: What was the most important battle of the 20th century?  What if it was lost.....

A Great Christian Nation: What if the Aztecs were Christians when Cortes and Co arrived....

Cooking With Bacon: Could the Scientific revolution have started earlier?

The Granger Interview: What if we found out that the Harry Potter books were real?


Fixed The Graveyard of Nanking font

Added A Few Non-GOF PODs to the site

Updated the FAQ


Samples Added


Many Samples Added

Night's Dawn Section Added

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Discussion Forum Revamped


Added some samples to the Web-Site, a search page and some resources.  Please mail me if you want yours displayed on the site.


Welcome to three new members.  I have started to update parts of the website, including a GIF image.  Please feel free to copy it.  

Issue Five should be ready by the end of next week.


I've decided to host a competion.  Prize available for the lucky winner.


I've got sick of Yahoo Geocities so I'm going to try to move to a new sever.


Third issue distributed and discussion forum set up.


The first issue has been distributed with good responses.  Please subscribe and contribute to the second issue.


The first issue will be distributed, all going well, on Saturday.  There have been some questions about submissions, so I have updated the Terms and Conditions and the FAQ.


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